Green Tourism

Green Tourism is a world-leading sustainability certification program with over 2,800 members. 

For over 25 years, it has advised and supported businesses across the tourism and hospitality, and meetings and events sectors to operate more sustainably, from hotel groups to trade associations, football clubs to national tourism agencies.

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The Challenge

Green Tourism has always sent out our own plaques to our members for them to proudly display their membership status. Every month we send up to 150 to our Green Tourism and Green Meetings members.

 This used to take an average of two days of our time (in a good month!) – and even more for a large batch send. Along with our plaques, we’d need to print members’ certificates, letters, and mailing labels, then fill the envelopes, take them to the post office, wait in endless queues, and… Well, safe to say it took a lot of time and effort.  

PPD Solution

  • Providing a dedicated Account Manager
  • Managing inventory
  • Providing personalised assistance and support
  • Offering the best shipping rates available
  • Efficient handling of orders, including printing and collating personalised print
  • Ensuring orders are sent out in a timely manner

Now thanks to PPD, this whole process has been reduced to 20-30 minutes of our time. PPD does everything for us. All we need to do is to send them a list of what needs to be done and within 24 hours, it’s done! What’s more, their charges are very reasonable. For me, it is some of the best money we spend.

Diane Knight, Client Services Director

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What do I do now?

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