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The Challenge

Handling your own order fulfillment presents significant challenges. Firstly, there’s the demand for storage space and organization to manage inventory efficiently. Processing orders accurately and swiftly is crucial to maintain customer satisfaction, requiring dedicated manpower and streamlined procedures. Managing shipping logistics, including packaging and delivery, adds time which removes resources that could be better utilised elsewhere.

The Solution

  • Providing assistance when moving Chocolate & Love’s operations from our own rented site into PPD’s warehouse and office space
  • Using PPD’s knowledgeable staff to ensure the new set up is as streamlined as possible to maximise efficiency
  • Providing personalised assistance and support for smooth transition into a new space
  • Offering cost effect shipping options through advantegous partnerships
  • Simplifying and centralising shipping processes across multiple carriers
  • Ensuring efficient handling and fulfilment of customer orders
  • Providing knowledgable staff who treat our products as if they are their own
  • Daily courier and mail collections
  • Ensuring careful handling and storage of products with utmost care
  • Providing 24/7 access to stock management

From our first contact to physically moving our operations, nothing has been ‘too much’ for PPD. Their knowledge and experience in order fulfilment ensured we had a smooth transition to a new way of working. Our Account Manager, Stacie-Ann, is like one of our own employees. PPD process all of our orders and ensure prompt despatch. We couldn’t be happier.

Richard O’Connor, Owner of Chocolate & Love

What do I do now?

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